GiddyUp Insurance Website

GiddyUp Insurance Website



The Problem

A new life insurance company needed a website where potential clients could get a quick, hassle free and no-bull quote on life insurance from a company who’s a little bit different but straight to the point.

Straight to the point!

Research was provided by client on target audiences (all genders, around ages 30-60) paired with my own comparisons and testing of competitor’s life insurance tools.

This project launched along with the video and social ad campaigns in January 2018.



The timeline for the design was 4 months until launch and we hit the needed deadlines, but this was a great learning opportunity as I had not worked with life insurance before or knew much about the different types. We needed to try and include the characters created into the flow and website in a way that made sense and kept the tone light but honest.



GiddyUp Tool Flow

I started with a simple flow to figure out how to distill all of the important information that the client was looking for. Once the team agreed on a direction, I moved into rapid prototyping while considering multiple use cases including starting the flow, re-entering the flow, giving certain answers, etc.




The solution I designed was a clean and put together website which married the honest tone of the business/character with the style of the illustrations. A large part of this was a multi-page form – I was able to create small moments of interaction to go with the simple questions provided by the client (sliders vs just a text field for numbers, toggles vs. a drop down).


Inclusion & Gender

I spent time researching how to ask certain questions and the considerations around specific topics – through my research, I had the opportunity to challenge the usual of “What gender are you?” and helped educate my team on how we could be more considerate and compassionate by asking “Birth sex?” instead. The client needed to know the answer to this the question for quote purposes, otherwise, it isn’t really necessary to ask users.



Working closely with the editorial team, we built a flow where the user is guided through a lot of necessary questions that can sometimes be hard to understand, and threw in humor and story where possible. This client wanted to make it clear that they are different from the other life insurance companies and are straight to the point  – everyone dies, and they want to help make sure your loved ones are taken care of.


My Role

Working with The Brand Department led by Nick Clements, as the web designer, I was trusted with creating a vision for the whole website as well as the life insurance tool flow using the visuals and branding done by Keely Portsmouth and Jenny Weightman. The website was built by Francisco Carreon with all editorial work done by Deanna Kent. This project required collaboration throughout the whole process of wireframing, prototyping, asset creation and exportation, and hand-off to the dev.


Learned Lessons

The website and tool went live along with the ad campaigns and had great feedback. This project was a lesson in creating engaging forms when dealing with simple but necessary questions, as well as an opportunity to learn about ways to be inclusive when asking questions.

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