Lake Maiden Doula Services

Lake Maiden Doula Services


Angie Marchinkow is a doula in and around Kelowna, BC who needed a brand kit to help showcase her personality and free-flowing nature as she expanded her client base. As a doula, Angie wants her clients to feel physically and emotionally supported, informed, and empowered. Throughout the year she spends her time in and around the lake, sailing or paddle boarding, and wanted to convey the power and calmness she felt through the water into her personal brand and experience.


When Angie first met with me, I asked her everything about who she was as a doula and what type of image she wanted to portray to her future clients and colleagues. With the Okanagan Lake being the main inspiration, she also gave me some tone words and shapes she was interested in exploring for the symbol mark and the general feel of her brand.


A few sketches based on the shapes she wanted to incorporate


Afterwards, I prepared 3 concepts for her to look at – all of them using different iconography, color palettes, and tone words. I paired them with her beautiful headshots by Nick Clements to give her an idea of how her branding could be applied across social media.


3 concepts based on different directions we could have gone


Once Angie was happy with the direction of concept 1 which included tone words like “flowing” and “soften” , I did some exploration on how the wordmark could be used with a symbolmark for some flexibility. After seeing the concepts, she decided that she wouldn’t have a use for a combination mark so we decided to go for a simple wordmark and symbolmark.

I incorporated the milfoil imagery into the “Lake Maiden” text and emphasized the flowing wave through it. Angie really liked the watercolor feel of some of my concepts so I made a vector version of the free-flowing symbolmark sketch I did earlier and converted it into a one-color version for flexibility in her brand kit.


Along with the work on the logo, I provided Angie with some free fonts to use throughout her branding. I was able to provide her with a kit that she could rely on for her business needs and feel confident she was conveying the image she wanted.


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